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It's The Little Things

5 Tips for Moving with a Child

Moving is a big hassle as it is. Children add a whole new element to the process that must be accounted for. However, like anything else, if you’re prepared it can minimize the stress and headaches. Here are some tips for moving with children. Be mindful of meals and snacks. A transition between homes will throw off the eating routine, which influences food, dishware, ingredients and more. Have food items that your child likes that are quick and easy options. Include your child in the moving and celebrating process. A new place is exciting! Allow your child to be a part of the excitement. If your belongings are not in the new house yet, go into each room with your child and talk about where everything with go. As mentioned, moving is stressful and hard work. Although you might...
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7 Week Old Boy Hears Mom’s Voice for First Time

A video captures the first time an infant heard his parents voices. With the help of a hearing aid, seven-week-old Lachlan was able to experience a new sense. Initially uncomfortable to have something shoved in his ear, you can see the surprise and joy as his parents start talking to him. Uploaded to YouTube on August 31st, 2014, the video was actually taken in 2012. The description of the video describes little Lachlan as now two years old and doing remarkably well.
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This is What Happens When Toddlers See You Angry

A new study from the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences is examining how children respond when adults get angry. In the video above we see a 15 month old toddler named Adrien. The video starts with him playing, like toddlers do, with various toys. The woman administering the test then begins playing with a “test object”, beads and a cup. A second woman comes in the room and speaks in an angry tone about the beads. After the beads and cup are passed to the toddler, he does not play with them he simply watches the angry woman’s face for reaction. It’s apparent he’s trying to not upset her. The trial provides insight into how early children pick up on emotions from adults in their lives. If you’re angry, your toddler will adjust his or her...
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The Best Parks on Long Island for Children

Long Island has a whole bunch of parks that are great for the whole family. Parks are the perfect day trip, getting outside and some vitamin D will benefit everyone! Below we have listed a few great parks on Long Island in no particular order. Grab your frisbee, baseball, basketball, picnic basket, blanket, book, barbecue or whatever you want and take a trip on a nice day! Before headed out, make sure you check the hours of the parks and the cost to visit! Belmont Lake State Park The park is located on exit 38 of the Southern State Parkway in West Babylon. It is 459 acres and is great for families seeking outdoor gatherings, picnics and informal sports activities. It has trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and consists of a 42 acre lake. South Haven County Park The park is...
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Baby Costumes for Halloween 2014

Halloween is just around the corner! Don’t wait until the last minute to get your costumes. Luckily for babies, pretty much anything you dress them up in, they will look absolutely adorable. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started, and who knows – maybe these will spark an idea of your own! These can all be ordered online at Know anyone these costumes would be good for? Share this article or comment with the costume your baby is going to wear! Time Out Jail Baby Lion Baby (many animals available)   Gnome Baby Viking Baby   Little Astronaut Cowboy Baby   Baby Chili Pepper Little Hot Dog        
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Calendar of Events

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Grow Fit

Introducing a new program which emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential! Download this month's newsletter above.

Daily Dance Break!:
Every day, we stop everything to move to the music! We pick a song of the week and children and staff alike all dance and move their bodies to the music! This is part of our "GROW FIT" initiative while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

October's Spotlight on the Peppy Penguins!

The Peppy Penguins are such busy and energetic Twaddlers! Miss Emily and Miss Vanessa always have something fun for their little ones to do and explore each day! Check out the Penguin page to see some photos of all the fun they've been having! Twaddler Page.

This Month's Themes:

October: Our Bodies!

Fun Fridays:

October 3: Wear as much orange as you can today!

October 10: National Play Doh Day! We'll make some of our own!

October 17: Wear your workout clothes; we’ll be doing Zumba with the StarBoards today!

October 24: Wear your pajamas to school today!

October 31: Our Halloween parade starts at 3 pm today! We hope to see you there!

Workout Wednesday!:

Every Wednesday our students will be strengthening their large muscles with many assorted gross motor movement activities. Our teachers will choose activities to help their students "GROW FIT" while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

October 1: Today we’ll create our own healthy recipe books!

October 8: Wear your jerseys and we’ll play hockey today!

October 15: Today we will dance to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

October 22: Today we’ll do the I’m a Little Pumpkin dance!

October 29: Today let's do the Monster Mash!

Enrichment Days:

Registration for your school aged child is now for the following days. When the public schools are closed, Tutor Time will provide care for your elementary student. Please call Deralyn at 631-368-2273 or email her at We are now taking reservations for October 13, November 11 and 28.

Employment Opportunities

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