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It's The Little Things

Creating a Solid Bedtime Routine

Humans in general do better with a routine. This goes double for your child and their bedtime. It is beneficial for them (and you!) to have regular sleep habits. This is all easier said than done but there are some things you can do that will create a great bedtime routine for your child. Set a bedtime. This might be the most important part of creating a routine. Going to bed at the same time each night will help set your child internal clock. When the clock hits your child’s bedtime, they will be more likely to go to sleep. Bedtime chart. A bedtime chart to mark off each accomplished item could be beneficial, brush teeth, put on pajamas, etc. Some children might love it as well. It makes it clear to everyone, you, your child, a babysitter or anyone else involved what needs to be done...
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How to Deal with Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums represent the stormy release of toddler frustrations. These are actually necessary expressions of your child’s emotions before he can verbalize anger and frustration. They may occur frequently and more often when your child is tired, hungry or restrained for a long period of time (for example, in a car seat during a long trip.) You must teach your child that this is not an acceptable way of expressing his emotions. The earlier you address this behavior, the sooner it will begin to disappear. In this article we will take a closer look at the following common questions related to temper tantrums: What should I do during the tantrum? The most important thing you can do when your child is having a tantrum is to remain unemotional and un-phased by this behavior — this is...
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Moving Up: Transitioning Your Child to a New Classroom

Moving up to a new classroom is an exciting time filled with fun and opportunity. We know transitions can sometimes be a little scary for both children and parents. That’s why our teachers and school staff are dedicated to supporting families every step of the way. Every child is different; for some, moving to a new classroom is fun and exciting, but for others, it may be more stressful. Our goal is to make transitions as smooth as possible, for everyone involved. Our School Readiness Pathway ensures that each child is in the classroom that best meets their individual needs for proper growth and development. Each classroom is constructed with the children’s interests and learning abilities in mind. Because each classroom is unique to a specific age group, it allows teachers to...
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Baby Adorably Confused by Twins

This toddler meets baby twins for the first time and he is very confused. The confusion is absolutely adorable as he turns back and forth, surveying the situation. Watch in the video above!
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10 Tips to Help Maintain Consistency for Children this Holiday Season

By: Ashley Rives Stores and homes are getting dressed up with festive lights, hot cocoa is being sipped and your kids are thumbing through the holiday toy catalog.  It is that time of year again – the Holidays are coming!  While sharing this festive season with your family is sure to be memorable, this time of year can also be quite hectic! Many families hop from one holiday event to another, often staying up late and eating way too much.  This, for some families, is just part of the season.  But, with young children, celebrating the holidays can be overwhelming.  How do we help children keep the consistency of their normal daily lives during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season? Here are some tips to help your child make it through the holidays without a melt-down! Try...
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Calendar of Events

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Grow Fit

Our Grow Fit Program emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential! Download this month's newsletter above.

Daily Dance Break!:
Every day, we stop everything to move to the music! We pick a song of the week and children and staff alike all dance and move their bodies to the music! This is part of our "GROW FIT" initiative while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

December Spotlight on the Loveable Lions!

The Loveable Lions are such busy and energetic group! Miss Diana and Miss Rachelle always have something fun for their little ones to do and explore each day! Check out the Lions page to see some photos of all the fun they've been having! Preschool Page.

This Month's Themes:

December: Art, Music and Dance!

Fun Fridays:

December 5: Let's wear wintery colors today!

December 12: Frosty the Snowman Day! Wear your scarves today and we will make top hats!

December 19: Holiday Sweater Day. Wear your favorite winter or holiday sweater to school!

December 26: Happy Kwanzaa! We will try different foods from the earth to celebrate Kwanzaa!

Workout Wednesday!:

Every Wednesday our students will be strengthening their large muscles with many assorted gross motor movement activities. Our teachers will choose activities to help their students "GROW FIT" while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

December 3: Today we will have a snowball throwing contest!

December 10: Today we'll dance to different tempos! Do you like fast or slow?

December 17: Winter is almost here! Let's dance like snowflakes.

December 24: Today is our Grinch party! We will creep around the room like the Grinch.

Enrichment Days:

Registration for your school aged child is now for the following days. When the public schools are closed, Tutor Time will provide care for your elementary student. Please call Deralyn at 631-368-2273 or email her at We are now taking reservations for December 23, December 24 and December 26.

Employment Opportunities

Now hiring. To submit a resume, please visit our careers page