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10 Tips to Help Maintain Consistency for Children this Holiday Season

By: Ashley Rives Stores and homes are getting dressed up with festive lights, hot cocoa is being sipped and your kids are thumbing through the holiday toy catalog.  It is that time of year again – the Holidays are coming!  While sharing this festive season with your family is sure to be memorable, this time of year can also be quite hectic! Many families hop from one holiday event to another, often staying up late and eating way too much.  This, for some families, is just part of the season.  But, with young children, celebrating the holidays can be overwhelming.  How do we help children keep the consistency of their normal daily lives during the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season? Here are some tips to help your child make it through the holidays without a melt-down! Try...
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6 Ways to Keep You and the Family Sane During the Holidays

By Kerry Rivera “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That is how the holiday song goes, yes?! “With the kids jingle-belling And everyone telling you Be of good cheer It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” For families, the holidays are certainly a special time, and children of all ages delight in anticipation of gifts, celebration and indulgent treats. But for parents, the pressure to perform, buy, and deliver is intense. More parties, more shopping, more decorating. More, more, more! Before you know it, those fa-la-la’s turn into pounding headaches and over-tired kids. So how do you keep the holiday season spirited and sane? Don’t over-commit. As a family, identify the events and activities that mean the most to you. Don’t say “yes” to every party...
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Thanksgiving Activity: Thankful Turkey Tissue Box

When indulging in the Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to forget to pause and reflect on what we are thankful for. So how can you and your family take a moment to give thanks? Read from a Thankful Turkey Tissue Box! Make this box a memorable addition to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner! Little ones can create this using our free printable template, an empty tissue box and some basic craft supplies. Leave several small pieces of paper out next to the box on Thanksgiving day, and have everyone in your family write something they are thankful for on a piece and drop it in the box. Then, during dinner, have everyone take turns drawing slips of paper and reading what the family is grateful for! Click the turkey below to view the templates and full instructions: (This article originally...
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5 Great Gift Ideas for New Parents

The holiday season is almost here! The retail stores and online portals will be flooded with people buying each other amazing gifts to show their love. However, do you know someone who just had a baby? The newest tech gift or clothing might not be the ideal gift for them. If you are a parent, think back to what you would have wanted most when you first had your baby. In case you can’t think of anything, here are a few great ideas to get you started: Time: Although it is not something that you can unwrap under the tree, your time at the place can be a tremendous help. Do some laundry, clean the dishes and just keeping your friend company can do wonders. Coffee/Tea/Mugs: Chances are, the new parent is having their fair share of coffee and/or tea. Some new gourmet coffee and teas would...
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Bedtime and Toddlers: What you Need to Know

A big concern of parents of toddlers is how to get them to sleep independently once they can scale the crib walls, or have graduated to a junior bed. The solution requires patience, stamina, and a true desire to make this happen. All toddlers are capable of independent sleeping. If you have made a decision, however, about co-sleeping with your toddler and have set up a family bed, then you should know that there is no “harm” in this choice. Living with a toddler requires lots of energy and all that matters is that everyone get a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips to help alleviate the struggles associated with bedtime: Keep the bedtime routine short (no longer than half an hour) and simple. For example, after the bath – read up to three stories, sing one song, say goodnight...
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Grow Fit

Introducing a new program which emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential! Download this month's newsletter above.

Daily Dance Break!:
Every day, we stop everything to move to the music! We pick a song of the week and children and staff alike all dance and move their bodies to the music! This is part of our "GROW FIT" initiative while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

November's Spotlight on the Gentle Giraffes!

The Gentle Giraffes are such busy and energetic Preppers! Miss Gina and Miss Estra always have something fun for their little ones to do and explore each day! Check out the Giraffes page to see some photos of all the fun they've been having! Prepper Page.

This Month's Themes:

November: My Five Senses!

Fun Fridays:

November 7: Today is our Pirate & Princess Palooza! Dress the part and we'll have some fun pirate and princess surprises today!

November 14: Apple tasting day! We'll taste red, yellow, or green apples today and decide which we like the best!

November 21: Today we will sniff and guess different types of dried herbs and spices!

November 28: Wear your SOFTEST pajamas to school today!

Workout Wednesday!:

Every Wednesday our students will be strengthening their large muscles with many assorted gross motor movement activities. Our teachers will choose activities to help their students "GROW FIT" while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

November 5: Today we'll play Scarecrow Says! (Like Simon Says!)

November 12: Today we'll play follow the leader!

November 19: Let's play keep it up today!

November 26: Let's move like turkeys today!

Enrichment Days:

Registration for your school aged child is now for the following days. When the public schools are closed, Tutor Time will provide care for your elementary student. Please call Deralyn at 631-368-2273 or email her at We are now taking reservations for November 4, November 11 and 28.

Employment Opportunities

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