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It's The Little Things

New Year, New Memories, New Family Traditions

Will this be the best year ever for your family? Forget about resolutions which are easily broken (or forgotten) by the second week in February. Instead, focus on making memories together! This year, start some new traditions to make this your family’s most memorable year so far. (At least until the next one.) Here are some ideas to get you started. Celebrate the little things. For both kids and parents, make a big deal out of milestones and developments in your lives. You can have a potty training party. Celebrate good grades or a promotion or a new job with an impromptu shindig. Dig out the party hats and noisemakers and celebrate your family’s important moments. Help the world grow while your child does. Think about planting a tree or some kind of perennial on your child’s...
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Toddler Flexes Her Vocal Chords to Elvis

Forget Frozen’s “Let it Go” and the classic Raffi, this little girl prefers The King himself, Elvis Presley. As we all like to do sometimes, 20 month old Ella belts out some lyrics while sitting in the car. Though her preference is to flex her vocal chords to Elvis’ “An American Trilogy”. Uploaded to YouTube by a man named Billy, this adorable video takes place in the car as his daughter enjoys Elvis while periodically checking it by adorably yelling, “Daddy!”. Watch the full video above. What does she want to hear when the song ends? No surprise – Elvis again!
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Where to Donate Used Toys on Long Island

Where to Donate Used Toys on Long Island Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get better organize or you just want to get rid of some of the clutter, donating toys that the children do not play with anymore is a great place to start. It seems like a waste to just throw them out when they are clean and undamaged. There are a few convenient places to drop off on Long Island. Be sure to call first to see what the best time is to drop off. Little Flower Children’s Services of New York 2450 North Wading River Road, Wading River 631-929-5341 Harbor Child Day Care 700 Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Head 631-674-8395 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island 145 Sycamore Lane, Islandia 631-273-1469 70 Acorn Lane, Levittown 516-731-7880 Pick up scheduling available Interfaith Nutritional...
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Wife Surprises Husband with Pregnancy Announcement in Photo Booth

In a video that has gone viral with over 9 million views, a wife surprises her husband with a baby announcement in a photo booth. According to the description of the video, the couple is very into photo booths, creating a tradition out of them. You can’t help but smile at their reaction!
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Winter Inspired Recipes for Children

Have fun with the children making, serving and eating these recipes. Their creative aspect will be sure to delight everyone and put smiles on the children’s faces! Frosted Chocolate Snowman This recipe is easy enough and is fun to create! You will need 3 chocolate donuts, white pearl cookie decorations, 1 chocolate wafer and 1 large marshmallow. Stack the donuts on top of each other and use the white pearl cookie decorations to make a face. If you want the donuts to better stick together, add chocolate frosting between each one. Penguin Cookies Instead of just serving standard Oreos, get creative with them! Using some candy corns for feat and beak, break open the Oreos and make a cute delicious penguin cookie. Use mini M&Ms or mini chocolate chips for the eyes.   Reindeer...
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Grow Fit

Our Grow Fit Program emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential! Download this month's newsletter above.

Daily Dance Break!:
Every day, we stop everything to move to the music! We pick a song of the week and children and staff alike all dance and move their bodies to the music! This is part of our "GROW FIT" initiative while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

January Spotlight on the Curious Cheetahs!

The Curious Cheetahs are such busy and energetic group! Miss Linda always has something fun for the class to do and explore each day! Whether they are working on their math skills, language ability or just playing sensory they are always having fun with Miss Linda! Check out theCheetahs page to see some photos of all the fun they've been having! Pre-Kindergarten Page.

This Month's Themes:

January: Transportation and Machines!

Fun Fridays:

January 2: We will talk about our New Year's Resolutions!

January 9: This months word of the month is "played." Bring in something that starts with P today!

January 16: It's National Blue Jean day, wear your jeans and as much blue as possible from head to toe!

January 23: Penguin day! Wear black and white to school, and we will have Oreos for snack.

January 30: It's National Hat Day! Wear your favorite hat to school.

Workout Wednesday!:

Every Wednesday our students will be strengthening their large muscles with many assorted gross motor movement activities. Our teachers will choose activities to help their students "GROW FIT" while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

January 7: Let's see how many jumping jacks we can do today!

January 14: Wear your favorite jerseys today, and we will play indoor hockey!

January 21: Dinostomp day. Let's stomp like dinosaurs today!

January 28: Its the birthday of the Frisbee! Let's play Frisbee today.

Enrichment Days:

Registration for your school aged child is now for the following days. When the public schools are closed, Tutor Time will provide care for your elementary student. Please call Diana at 631-368-2273 or email her at We are now taking reservations for January 2, January 19, February 16th- 20th.

Employment Opportunities

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