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It's The Little Things

Tutor Time and the Great Pumpkin!

This October our Tutor Time schools called upon their creative side and generated some amazing pumpkins! We held two contests over several weeks to determine everyone’s favorite pumpkin out of ALL the pumpkins (and there were so many good ones!). We want to thank everyone for participating with us on Facebook. The children and teachers all had so much fun building these pumpkin creations. We are happy that everyone got to view and enjoy them. The winning pumpkin came from our Tutor Time Baldwin school! Congratulations and well done Baldwin on their Bat Pumpkin! Choose the school below to view all of their entries into the contest and while you are there, like the page on Facebook! Massapequa ~ Lindenhurst ~ East Rockaway Baldwin ~ East Northport ~ Melville Learn more about each...
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What Can a Newborn Do?

Although a newborn baby does not appear very active, there is actually a great deal of brain activity going on. And many new parents wonder just what is going on inside that adorable little sleepy head. It might surprise you how much is happening as your baby’s brain takes in the world with all it’s sights and sounds. Infants at this age can focus clearly on an object eight to ten inches from their eyes. This is exactly the distance between the baby and the mother’s (or father’s) face during feeding. You may notice your baby trying to make eye contact with you during this time. This is because babies react to the human face (or even a drawing of a face) during this time period more than any other shape. They are most drawn to the eyes. Smiling and making faces at your new...
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Your Smiling Three-Month-Old and Their Milestones

Milestones of your three-month-old: Your baby can bring his hands together. With a mighty effort, baby can raise his chest, supported by his arms, when he lies on his stomach. Baby can roll over (one way). He reaches for objects. Baby can put some weight on his legs when you hold him upright. He makes sounds like “ah goo.” Baby laughs out loud. He squeals when he’s happy. Baby smiles spontaneously. He can focus on very small objects. Baby turns toward the sound of a familiar voice. *All babies have their own internal developmental timetable. If your 3-month-old hasn’t yet reached these milestones, rest assured that he will in time. If you have concerns about your baby’s development discuss them with his doctor. Finally: a little predictability! Because...
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This Halloween Costume is Lighting Up the Internet

Last year a YouTube user by the name of Visual Burrito uploaded a video of his daughter in a Halloween costume that he created. The costume consisted of LED lights and went viral, generating over 22 million views! He is back at it again this year and has made some interesting adjustments. View the new video above. See last years video here  
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5 Tips for Moving with a Child

Moving is a big hassle as it is. Children add a whole new element to the process that must be accounted for. However, like anything else, if you’re prepared it can minimize the stress and headaches. Here are some tips for moving with children. Be mindful of meals and snacks. A transition between homes will throw off the eating routine, which influences food, dishware, ingredients and more. Have food items that your child likes that are quick and easy options. Include your child in the moving and celebrating process. A new place is exciting! Allow your child to be a part of the excitement. If your belongings are not in the new house yet, go into each room with your child and talk about where everything with go. As mentioned, moving is stressful and hard work. Although you might...
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Calendar of Events

Click on our calendar below to check out the fun and exciting events we have planned for this month!

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Grow Fit

Introducing a new program which emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential! Download this month's newsletter above.

Daily Dance Break!:
Every day, we stop everything to move to the music! We pick a song of the week and children and staff alike all dance and move their bodies to the music! This is part of our "GROW FIT" initiative while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

November's Spotlight on the Gentle Giraffes!

The Gentle Giraffes are such busy and energetic Preppers! Miss Gina and Miss Estra always have something fun for their little ones to do and explore each day! Check out the Giraffes page to see some photos of all the fun they've been having! Prepper Page.

This Month's Themes:

November: My Five Senses!

Fun Fridays:

November 7: Today is our Pirate & Princess Palooza! Dress the part and we'll have some fun pirate and princess surprises today!

November 14: Apple tasting day! We'll taste red, yellow, or green apples today and decide which we like the best!

November 21: Today we will sniff and guess different types of dried herbs and spices!

November 28: Wear your SOFTEST pajamas to school today!

Workout Wednesday!:

Every Wednesday our students will be strengthening their large muscles with many assorted gross motor movement activities. Our teachers will choose activities to help their students "GROW FIT" while they are here with us! Grow Fit emphasizes the value of nutrition and physical activity in helping children reach their full potential.

November 5: Today we'll play Scarecrow Says! (Like Simon Says!)

November 12: Today we'll play follow the leader!

November 19: Let's play keep it up today!

November 26: Let's move like turkeys today!

Enrichment Days:

Registration for your school aged child is now for the following days. When the public schools are closed, Tutor Time will provide care for your elementary student. Please call Deralyn at 631-368-2273 or email her at We are now taking reservations for November 4, November 11 and 28.

Employment Opportunities

Now interviewing. To submit a resume, please email Deralyn at