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It's The Little Things

Tutor Time and the Great Pumpkin!

This October our Tutor Time schools called upon their creative side and generated some amazing pumpkins! We held two contests over several weeks to determine everyone’s favorite pumpkin out of ALL the pumpkins (and there were so many good ones!). We want to thank you everyone for participating with us on...
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What Can a Newborn Do?

Although a newborn baby does not appear very active, there is actually a great deal of brain activity going on. And many new parents wonder just what is going on inside that adorable little sleepy head. It might surprise you how much is happening as your baby’s brain takes in the world with all it’s sights and...
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Your Smiling Three-Month-Old and Their Milestones

Milestones of your three-month-old: Your baby can bring his hands together. With a mighty effort, baby can raise his chest, supported by his arms, when he lies on his stomach. Baby can roll over (one way). He reaches for objects. Baby can put some weight on his legs when you hold him upright. He makes sounds like...
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